Naming services in Belarus

Naming - is creation of successful names of trademarks and companies. The purpose of naming is developing names, which possess marketing value, names, which subsequently can transform a trademark to a brand, form benevolent attitude of customers to your company and its products.

"JURVISTA" provides professional naming services for new companies, products and sevices and renaming services for excisting ones.

In the process of name creation our specialists use not only their creativity but also naming rules, technologies and laws, taking into account legal aspect of trademarks registration. Name is being created on the basis of brand positioning strategy, marketing studies and company's vision.

Working scheme::

  1. Defining preferences of the client regarding the future name.
  2. Express analysis of target aufience and market.
  3. Develping preliminary variants of the name. their linguistic, semantic and phonetic analysis.
  4. Names originality control which provides the possibility to register name as a trademark .
  5. Presentation of not less than 10 names.
  6. Final choice of the name or additional revision and presenting three more options (up to three times).

The cost of naming services depends on target audience, naming object and purposes of its utilisation.

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