Buying and Selling Business in Minsk (Belarus)

If you decided to purchase or sell business in Belarus we are here to provide legal support to your deal.

Buying and selling business has 2 forms:

  • buying or selling a share in statutory fund;
  • buying or selling an enterprise as a property complex.

Legal service “Buying and Selling Business” includes:

  • consultation on the questions of buying or selling business in Belarus;
  • preparation of the necessary documents for the purchase (sale) of business;
  • accompaniment of a vendor/buyer in state structures.

You can order services on sale (purchase) of business “turnkey”, as well as only preparation of certain documents or tracking a separate stage.

Buying and selling bysuness services prices

Legal Support of Alienation of Share in Statutory Fund Deal  270 Br. Order
Legal Support of Alienation of Enterprise as Property Complex Deal  1,134 Br. Order
Юридическое сопровождение купли-продажи предприятия как имущественного комплекса, если покупателем выступает юридическое лицо нерезидент Республики Беларусь  1,470 Br. Order

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