Companies Liquidation in Minsk (Belarus)

If you decided to withdraw your business from Belarusian market it is necessary to liquidateyour company.

Liquidation of a firm means discontinuance of its activity without passage of rights and responsibilities to other individuals or companies. The decision about liquidation is being made by founders, owners of property, a registering body or a court.

«JURVISTA» may carry out the function of a liquidator in the process of “turnkey” liquidation or only accompany the procedure of liquidation.

Процедура ликвидации фирмы занимает в среднем от 2 до 6 месяцев.

Companies liquidation legal services include:

  • consultation on the questions of liquidation;
  • expertise of company's documents;
  • preparation of a liquidation plan;
  • preparation of documents for liquidation and their assignment to the registering body;
  • drawing bank accounts in the name of a liquidator;
  • publishing information about liquidation;
  • information of creditors about liquidation;
  • striking off the register in state structures;
  • closing all bank accounts;
  • preparation of documents for discharge (transfer) of employees;
  • identification of creditors claims;
  • registration and consideration of the claims declared by creditors and keeping the register of creditors;
  • penalty of debts;
  • preparation of documents for handing in the archive and their transfer to the storage;
  • assignment documents into the registering body for the exception of a company from the common register;
  • tracking the destruction of seals and stamps.

The alternative of liquidation is reorganization or sale.

Companies liquidation services cost

Liquidation (with Liquidator Assignment) from 756 Br. Order
Liquidation (without Liquidator Assignment) from 400 Br. Order
Preparation of Documents for Launch of Liquidation Process  70 Br. Order
Preparation of Documents for Finishing Liquidation Process  70 Br. Order

To launch the procedure of liquidation you need to provide the following documents and information:

  • the originals of constitutive documents;
  • notification about registration;
  • information about current bank accounts of a company;
  • information about accounts receivables or payables;
  • information about employees;
  • accounting and last balance;
  • information about a liquidator;
  • seals and stamps.

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Liquidation doesn't mean the end of entrepreneurship activity, it's just a chance to start business in a new way.