Reorganization of Business in Minsk (Belarus)

Reorganization of enterprises and other legal entities is the process of a fundamental realignment of their structure or business form.

Reorganization of firms can be performed in 5 forms: merging, transformation, joining, separation, de-merging.

Our lawyers will help to choose the most appropriate form of business reorganization. The example to reorganization is transfer from Private Enterprise to Limited Liability Company. The creation of affiliated undertaking is an example for reorganization with its structure transformation.

Legal services on business reorganization include:

  • consultation on the questions of reorganization;
  • preparation of documents for reorganization;
  • preparation of constitutive documents of new legal entities;
  • their registration.

Business reorganization services cost

Преобразование (из ООО в ЧУП, из ЧУП в ООО) "под ключ"  300 Br. Order
Слияние, присоединение, разделение, выделение  600 Br. Order

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