Legal Services by Subscription in Minsk (Belarus)

Legal service by subscription is comprehensive permanent legal support of your business.

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Legal service by subscription is for the companies of different types, representative offices of foreign companies in Belarus, individual intrepreneurs, who want to be assured in correctness and correspondence of the legal part of their business to Belarusian laws.

Legal service by subscription is actual both for small business without a full-time lawyer and for the companies, whose appearing questions exceed the scope of their legal department.

The advantages of legal service by subscription::

  • there is no need to have your own lawyer or legal department;
  • the cost of monthly legal service by subscription is lower than wages of legal department;
  • you don't need to purchase the expensive legal database;
  • all required labor resources of our company are assigned to resolution of your juridical questions;
  • a subscriber has priority access to our services;
  • discounts on additional services up to 15% depending on the selected tariff plan;
  • there is no need to sign agreements everytime you need a service;
  • you can choose an appropriate tariff plan depending on your needs.

Legal services by subscription tariff plans::

Надежный старт Оптимальный Премиум
Consultation 5 15 Not limited
Written legal advice 1 2 5
Legal expertise of cotracts 2 7 15
Contracts development 1 5 12
Internal company's documents development 1 3 7
Orders 1 7 15
Labor contracts 1 5 10
Professional instructions 1 3 7
Representation at the meetings - - 1
Lawyer's visit - - 2
Documents translation - 1 page 5 pages
Discount for additional services 5% 10% 15%
2 730 000 Br. 5 880 000 Br. 14 700 000 Br.

If the plans mentioned above do not match your interests we can develop Individual plan exclusively for you

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